We pride ourselves in enhancing your already beautiful self inside & out!

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Our Services

Lash Extensions

We specialize in Eyelash extensions that are safe on your natural lashes which means we’ll never put an extension on you that’s too thick or too long that would overburden your natural lash and cause it to shed out prematurely, thus damaging the follicle. We also specialize in volume lashes which are multiple featherlight extensions to a single natural lash often resulting in less weight on the natural lash than most classic extensions, but by far our most requested service is Our Popular Set which is a blend of Classic lashes (a single extension to a single natural lash) and volume lashes.
**2-4 week touch ups**
**New Client touch ups need consultation before pricing**
Terms & Conditions

Full Classic Extensions - $175

Full Classic-Volume Extensions - $200

Full Volume Natural - $225

Full Volume Glamour - $250

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lash extensions on mauifinancial education by the beyouty co

Lash Lifts & Tints

We specialize in Lash Lifts that are also, safe for your natural lashes. This means we will never leave a solution on too long that will cause your natural lashes to burn therefore damaging the lashes. We will educate before leaving on how to care for your lifts to get optimal lash health while looking oh so beautiful. Our most popular requested service is our Lash Lift and Tint. This service gives more of noticeable lift without using mascara. These services lasts 6-8 weeks
Terms & Conditions

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lash lift and tint on Maui, Hawaii

Lash Lift - $75

Lash Tint - $23

Lash Lift & Tint - $90

Waxing Services

We specialize in Full Body Waxing for men and women. We use both soft and hard wax, depending on your needs. Waxing pulls the hair out by the root and if performed regularly it reduces hair growth. This is a great service to get done before any tattoo work. Our Most Popular waxing services are Brazilians also known as full bikini and Manzilians (just like a brazilian but for men).
Terms & Conditions

Waxing Services by the beyouty co

Most Popular

waxing by the beyouty co
  • Full Bikini-Brazilian | $55
  • Full Bikini Maintenance | $45
  • Full Manzilian | $125
    **male version of a brazilian**
  • Full Manzilian Maintenance | $100
  • Bikini | $25

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    facial waxing by the beyouty co
  • Brow Shaping | $30
  • Brow Clean-Up | $17
  • Lip | $10
  • Lip & Brow Clean-Up | $23
  • Cheeks | $15
  • Chin | $10
  • Sideburns | $15
  • Full Face | $40
  • Neck | $20

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    body waxing by the beyouty co
  • Full Leg | $50
  • Half Leg | $35
  • Stomach | $25
  • Chest | $35
  • Back | $50
  • Underarm | $20
  • Full Arm | $33
  • Half Arm | $23

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    V-steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is a universal practice that women have developed for the purpose of postpartum care and gynecological issues. Using herb blends that are designed to help a woman achieve a perfect standard healthy cycle without any side effects. All of the herbs are mixed as a formula and each one has properties that will help the type of cycle imbalance or side effects a woman might be experiencing..

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    Intro to Steaming


    First Session

    • Benefits
    • 1 Postpartum care after birthing
    • 2 Post-Menestrual Cycle Cleaning
    • 3 Gynecological complications
    • 4 Post-Menopause Help

    Steaming Maintenance


    As needed basis

    • Benefits
    • 1 Regulate Cycle
    • 2 Cramps, infections & dryness
    • 3 fertility problems
    • 4PH & Bacteria Balance

    Financial Education

    We provide educational classes that help our students budget better, bank smarter, manage debt better and build strong credit. Since 2002, our 101 Financial System has helped thousands of individuals and families experience Financial Peace of Mind.
    We provide personalized financial education classes for each of our students. We will meet privately with each student over the phone, online or in their own home, to help them organize their entire financial lives and to get out of debt in the shortest period of time.
    To get started or for more information please schedule a 15 min assessment call or click here to fill out a FREE financial analysis

    - 15 min Assessment Call -

    - Beginner Course -

    - Intermediate Course -

    - Advanced Course -

    Budget Better

    budget better

    Bank Smarter

    bank smarter

    Manage Debt Better

    manage debt better

    Build Strong Credit

    build stronger credit
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    About Us

    About-The-BeYOUty-Co is located in Wailuku on the beautiful island of Maui. The Beyouty Co. focuses on the Health, Wellness and Beauty of Women and Men. We pride ourselves in enhancing your already beautiful self inside and out.


    Sheyna-Marie Chang owner of the beyouty co

    Sheyna-Marie Chang owner of the beyouty co
    has been an Esthetician since 2008 graduating from Spa Luna Holistic in Haiku, Maui. She’s been a lash artist since 2016 going through intensive training with Xtreme Lashes and EBL for eyelash extensions and Elleebana for Lash Lifts. She is Certified in V-Steaming through Steamy Chick since 2011, and a 101 Financial Instructor since 2015 . By constantly continuing her education and training, Sheyna is able to stay up to date with the latest advancements in the industry. She prides herself in managing her own physical health and mental well being. Health, wellness, beauty and financial readiness are just a few of the things she can’t wait to share with you!

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    2049 Wells St. #4
    Wailuku, HI 96793

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